Rudolph’s Holo-Day Tree

01_Stanger_UpfrontThis weeks illustration is a digital sketch/colour study for a piece I had in mind of globallistic proportions – the event lies just outside of the viewers frame but hints something catastrophic. The city is a reuse of an old render from last year but I am currently working on a completely new city along the lines of the buildings in the ‘Siegfried’ illustration. There was a time when Nuclear War was one of my worst conceivable nightmares – but now it competes with the concept of a planetary impact or being sandblasted by a super nova – both quite terrifying. From a technical standpoint, I have no idea what a Supernova would look like as the part of the earth you are on rotates in its direction.. or what might happen to the moon as it heats and expands.. all creative license. 😉

Thanx for looking and have a great week.

kennb – vancouver, bc

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