How to Take Good Pictures with Your iPhone

Whether you are taking a selfie or taking a photo of other people, places, or things, chances are good that you will reach for your iPhone long before you go searching for your digital camera. However, are you truly capturing a great picture that you will truly want to hang onto or are you simply wasting the effort to take it? Instead of wasting a great moment on a bad photo, why not learn how to take good pictures with your iPhone? It could be the best thing you have ever done for your photographic memories.

Capture Yourself in the Moment

Thanks to social media websites, everyone loves a good selfie. There are a lot of good selfie photos on the internet. Have you managed to get a good one of yourself? Have you gotten the iPhone’s FaceTime camera down to a science? If not, perhaps before you take your next selfie and share it, you should consider what you could be doing wrong when taking your own picture.

A selfie is a close up of you. Therefore, when taking it, you should try to show your best features. Natural lighting is going to be better than having a bright flash in your face. The flash can throw off your natural color and in some cases, make you look more dead than alive. It will make you pale and perhaps a little ghostly. It can also highlight any flaws you may have. That pimple that is barely pink on your nose will light up like Rudolph’s red nose if you are not careful. No one, especially not you, really wants to see that and it won’t look good for any entrepreneur success stories you might read. You will fare much better if you stand by a window or take the time to be outside doing something when you take that photo of yourself. If natural lighting is not available, you should consider playing around with filters. A black and white photo or one of the many other settings should work nicely to conceal.

You should also take notice of how you look before you snap. A lot of people have a slight bulge under their chin if they hold their head downward or tilt their neck a little. Is that really the picture of perfection that you want? Try looking straight into the camera or posing in a way that shows off only the good parts of you. It is also wise to keep this in mind before you pucker up your lips in a weird way that leaves some people looking more like a fish faced person than someone your friends want to claim they know.

Think about what is behind you. Have you ever seen those selfies that have something very embarrassing behind the person taking their own photo? Most people have, and most people have gotten a laugh out of it. Do you want to be the one they are laughing at next? Instead of taking out your iPhone and randomly snapping a picture, make sure that your surroundings are not going to embarrass you. It is best if you take a selfie when you are out doing something as opposed to standing in your bathroom so that everyone sees the toilet behind you.

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